The Wallpaper* living room: make yourself at home with the latest lounge luxuries

Step inside our ever-evolving living room of perfectly formed and functional furniture. From slender chaises and contemporary consoles to vibrant vases and compact storage units; lounge lizards are invited to enter and relax...

Name: Disused tables
Designer/brand: Supaform
Price: on request

For the Disused collection, Supaform founder Maxim Scherbakov used digital artwork to inform the architectural silhouettes. These multifunctional tables meld materials and appear as contemporary sculptures for the living room set with their geometric compositions

Name: ‘Tríptico Infame’
Designer/brand: Pedro Paulø Venzon
Price: from US$ 3,8002

This sculptural table is a continuation of the Brazilian designer’s exploration of narratives in the culture of design, particularly differences between form and function. The balance in its abstract silhouette is formed by a whimsical configuration of wooden shapes, lending itself to its name that translates to ‘Infamous Triptych’

Name: ‘Atoll’ sofa
Designer/brand: Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia
Price: from £5,702

Italian maestro Antonio Citterio has been designing sofas for B&B Italia for years, yet shows no signs of running out of ideas. His latest modular seating system, ‘Atoll’, includes chaises longues, pouffes and this perfectly symmetrical sofa. Its expansive, slender base – in pewter or black chrome – emphasises the line between the frame and the cushions. Whether in fabric or leather, it’s just what we need for a long lie down. Illustrator: Klima. Writer: Harriet Lloyd-Smith

Name: Irene Infantes for Christopher Farr rugs
Designer/brand: Irene Infantes for Christopher Farr
Price: from £4,300

The London-based rug company is introducing a collection of four contemporary rugs designed by textile artist Irene Infantes. Spanish-born Infantes’ designs are energetic and abstract, appearing like hand-crafted wool or silk collages. Each rug is produced in different parts of the world, such as India and Afghanistan, and applied with versatile craft techniques available to Christopher Farr. Infantes’ rugs all feature a single line running through the design, symbolising the journey of the artist, and tracking changes in her inspiration and life – each one acts as a snapshot in time. Graphic and upbeat, these rugs, which are inspired by the surprises of daily life, would add a surge of flavour to any interior

Name: ’Casa Modernista’ sofa
Designer/brand: Doshi Levien for Moroso
Price: from £8136

The Casa Modernista Sofa is welcoming and soft, while maintaining an industrial, geometrical style. Doshi Levien payed homage to Gregori Warchavchik, a Russian-Ukrainian architect responsible for promoting modern architecture in the 1920’s Brazil for the sofa’s charming and modern silhouette that celebrates contradictions in its design. The London-based duo see this sofa as ‘a space where opposite interpretations of time transit: productive and disconnected, social and personal, temporary and continuous’

Name: ‘Tenon’ table
Designer/brand: From the Land Studio
Price: £645

The Peckham-based studio is developing its use of natural stone, progressing from designing plant pots to now launching side tables. The Tenon table is made up of two hand-cast sections that join together forming a contrasting look of alternating stones, such as Derbyshire limestone, Shropshire black basalt or Scottish red granite. With the option of 36 different colourways, the terrazzo-style table offers a playful addition to any modern abode

Name: Mellow’ vase
Designer/brand: Studio Hattern, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £152

Studio Hattern’s ‘Mellow’ vase is a minimalist interpretation of the moments of colour, tone, texture and light conveyed in Impressionist paintings. Graduating tones of green and blue are paired with a blurred transparent finish that causes the acrylic vase’s colours to change and diffuse under the effect of refracted lighting. The result is an object that offers a unique experience of colour and light through a contemporary realisation of an iconic art movement

Name: ‘Thomas’ armchair
Designer/brand: Metrica for SP01
Price: from £673

Thomas armchair, designed by Metrica for the Australian furniture brand, SP01, features delicately sculpted details and a rigorous form. The Milan-based design studio embraces Italian craftsmanship while also maintaining an international outlook – Thomas could fit in anywhere. Featuring a bent plywood shell integrated into a solid ash frame, with elegant timber detailing, this chair is strong and inviting. In order to pair Thomas with a range of interiors, SPO1 provides many fabric and leather upholstery choices. The chair is available in a natural, light wooden veneer or painted black, offering a classic addition to a living space

Name: ‘Curva’ magazine holder
Designer/brand: AYTM, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £138

Undulating strands come together to form AYTM’s ‘Curva’ magazine holder, a whimsical yet sleek storage solution. Between each rise and fall of the thin brass-finished bars, space is created for magazines and small books to sit neatly in a beautiful design that will introduce a contemporary aesthetic into any space

Name: ‘Yves’ console
Designer/brand: Studio Ashby, for The Invisible Collection
Price: €19,285

Digital design brand The Invisible Collection have enlisted Studio Ashby for its latest range. British designer Sophie Ashby nods to her nomadic lifestyle and penchant for art in the 17-strong collection. This is reflected in the eclectic materials and styles used throughout, from a contemporary acrylic console that takes its cues from the works of Yves Klein (pictured), to more organic and classic pieces like marble side tables, and an oak grain veneer dressing table

Name: ‘Trio’ unit
Designer/brand: Achille Castiglioni, for Karakter, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £479

Milanese designer Achille Castiglioni thought a lot about lost space. So much so that many of his designs were intended to slot into the empty corners of the home — areas where precious square metres and inches were lost due to layout. Designed by Castiglioni in collaboration with Giancarlo Pozzi, ‘Trio’ is a triangular multipurpose unit intended to fit into empty corners. Crafted from black stained oak, the unit offers three shelves and will make the most out of awkwardly shaped voids at home and in the office

Name: ‘Courtesy’ side table
Designer/brand: Michele Seppia, for Nero Design Gallery, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £638

Designed by Michele Seppia for Nero Design, the ‘Courtesy’ table uses shape and material to take you on a journey across space and time. With a top made of Giallo di Siena marble and an iron base featuring blue enamel detailing, the piece was produced as a limited-edition series of 30

Name: ‘Folkifunki Elephant’ vase
Designer/brand: Jaime Hayon, for Vista Alegre, available from WallaperSTORE*
Price: £328

A bold, unmistakable palette of red and blue accented with hints of gold is the unifying aesthetic of the Folkifunki collection by Jaime Hayon. Created for Vista Alegre, each piece in this series of decorative porcelain tableware is adorned with a unique artwork inspired by animals, plants, masks or images, including elements of national folklore. This vase takes its inspiration from the elephant, seen clearly in its silhouette and depiction of facial characteristics, and can be displayed when empty as an original piece of art

Name: Echo’ side table
Designer/brand: Mark Albrecht
Price: €4,250

Mixing minimalism and modernism, Mark Albrecht studio developed a fresh take on the side table with ‘Echo’ that launched last year. The table is a combination of wood, steel and leather to form a utilitarian piece handmade in Albrecht’s New York workshop. The round, vertical shaft of the ‘Echo’ minimises vibration, and the ‘Solist’ – a version with only the top tray – is ideal for sliding under a sofa to maximise living space. ‘With my latest work, I feel I am probing deeper into my roots as a sculptor,’ says Albrecht, who reaches the perfect balance between the practical and ornamental with this collection

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