The Wallpaper* Hallway: how to make a grand entrance with the finest welcoming designs

We invite guests into our digs with playful hanging lights, sculptural vases, opulent sideboards and more. First impressions count, exude sophistication and style with a dose of these modern marvels...

Name: ’Imago’ mirror object
Designer: Peder Jessen for Mater, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £293

Created from a single polished brass sheet bent at 158 degrees, Peder Jessen’s ’Imago’ mirror object is functional and sculptural in equal parts. The circular mirror is inspired by and named for the shape arthropods take on during the final stage of their metamorphosis from cocoon to winged creature

Name: Cuckoo collection
Designer: Nendo
Price: on request

Humorous yet subtle, Japanese studio Nendo has reimagined the pendulum-regulated cuckoo clock. Stepping away from any embellishments, Nendo’s creates a trio of simple wood forms – one turned on its head, one that also doubles as a bookend and one that is framed within itself – all three are cleverly carved from the same wood with minimalist graphics for the numbers

Name: ‘FCK’ vase cement
Designer/brand: Frédérick Gautier for Serax, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £64

From Frédérick Gautier’s ’FCK’ collection for Serax, this vase was inspired by the floating bollards in the locks of the canals in Paris. As such, the vessel is crafted from tough grey cement that offers a stark contrast to any fresh blooms placed inside. Minimalistic, simple and architectural, the vase’s puzzle-like silhouette may be combined with other shapes from the collection for a fully bespoke display

Name: ‘Glory’ table
Designer/brand: Rodolphe Parente for Pouenat
Price: €22,700

This geometric table sees marble and brass unite in an opulent arrangement of shapes. ECAL graduate Rodolphe Parente paid attention to detail combining constrasting textures in one piece; the brass has a magnitude of intense finishes, both brushed and grooved, which charmingly compliment the dramatic veins of the marble. Photography: Francis Amiand

Name: ‘Piatto’ tables
Designer/brand: Sam Hecht and Kim Colin/ Industrial Facility for Fucina
Price: on request

Brianza-based brand Fucina launched at Salone del Mobile this year focusing on structural metal work that is effortlessly seamless. Under the art direction of Maddalena Casadei, the company unveiled a collection from Pauline Deltour, Jun Yasumoto, Casadei herself and these Industrial Facility tables. Adopting the appearance of lightness, the family of sleek tables are highly engineered with the solid steel plates joining together at the perfect vertical and horizontal angles to appear as only two legs

Name: ‘Excavation’ sculptures
Designer/brand: Wang & Söderström, for Unique Board
Price: from $500

Copenhagen-based design studio Wang & Söderström was inspired by the science of archaeology and the readings of human activity for its series of sculptural vases ‘Excavation’. Brought to life by New York-based Unique Board, which used 3D printing to join together the plaster and monochrome resin. The result is a range of abstract and vibrant vessels that are imbued with a playful confetti-style design

Name: ‘What Metal Can Do’ collection
Designer/brand: Kin & Co
Price: on request

Steel might not have the warmth of wood or the tactility of concrete, yet the designers behind the New York-based design studio Kin & Co have chosen to hone in on its versatility for their latest collection. Inspired by Russian Constructivism and the principles of the Bauhaus, the new works are rooted in fundamental geometric forms, with a twist, of course. ‘We want to make furniture that is expressive,’ says co-founder Kira de Paola. ‘And metal is a medium that can take on so many different personalities.’ The five-piece range, which includes the parabolically curved Geo dining table, razor-width Thin stools, Crescent console with marble inset and the Slip mirror, is completed by with the Phase pendant light, which has been produced in collaboration with the resin artist Kim Markel

Name: Tama’ vase,
Designer/brand: Nousaku, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £99

Made of brass, this golden spherical vase is available in two sizes. The solid piece’s refined shape makes them ideal for a simple, slanting flower arrangement, ikebana-style. Meticulously made, each item is hand-polished by Nousaku craftsmen in their Takaoka workshop

Name: Mirror Mobiles’
Designer/brand: Elkeland Studio
Price: from DKK 1,150

Danish studio Elkeland’s geometric mirror mobiles are suspended on wax-treated flack string. The slim shapes (including half-moons, ovals, and gradated triangles) are made from double-sided plexi mirror and brass sticks. Catching light as they gently twist, the mobiles throw subtle plays of light against surrounding walls, floors and ceilings for a poetic entrance installation

Name: ‘Zodiac’ shelving
Designer/brand: Nichetto Studio, for Zaozuo
Price: from ¥88

Centred around a hexagonal metal framework, Zodiac is a multifunctional modular display system. Paired with attachable polyurethane accessories, its elegant geometrical networks form complex constellations, serving as a shelving device, mirror and coat hook. Nodding to its astrological namesake, Zodiac offers a sophisticated play with its web of lines to act as a sleek artistic wall hanging, as well as a multifunctional system

Name: Double-ended magazine bookend
Designer/brand: Folker Christensen, for Folle, available from WallpaperSTORE*
Price: £45

This award-winning, satin-polished stainless steel bookend was designed by Folmer Christensen. Featuring the flawless curves and simplicity of Scandinavian design, it’s manufactured in Denmark by Folle’s skilled craftsmen. Conceived specifically for magazines, the tall, double-ended piece will hold your favourite issues of Wallpaper* in style

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