From Jony Ive’s perfectly minimalist cover to a peek inside Apple Park and beyond

Creative catalyst Liz Swig is on a mission to make oatmeal sexy. Photography: Marko MacPherson

We introduce the first in our new series of deftly drafted dream homes. Illustrator: Leonie Bos. Interiors: Amy Heffernan

A force in American interiors, Exquisite Surfaces, celebrates its 20th birthday in style. Photography: Mark Hartman

We’re in a trance over these tip-top technological toys. Photography: Baker & Evans. Interiors: Amy Heffernan

Jony Ive on Apple’s new HQ and the disappearing iPhone. Photography: Mark Mahaney

Our Newspaper section sees the return of the seafood tower, which has been elevated to contemporary new heights. Photography: John Short

A suite of living room furniture by Chiara Andreatti marks Fendi’s tenth foray at Design Miami. Photography: Alberto Zanett

Our platoon of swashbuckling young guns passes out. Photography: Jonathan Frantini

Cracking chronographs hit the sweet spot, their split-second accuracy just the job for monitoring our precision cuisine. Photography: Gustav Almestål

Find inner calm and sublime sustenance at a John Pawson-designed retreat in the Welsh hills. Photography: Henry Bourne

In December our thoughts turn to entertaining, and we offer up an enticing menu of design, architecture, art, fashion and, of course, food. For us, creativity really is at the heart of life-enhancing entertaining. For starters, we love the pairing of artists and cuisine; and in this issue we serve up Gillian Wearing’s lentil, potato and leek soup, as well as Liz Swig’s innovative oatmeal offerings, with extra ingredients by the Campana brothers.

We also talk to Jony Ive and get the very first sitting at Apple Park’s super-sized staff restaurant, Naoto Fukasawa-designed chairs and all. (Good food is so central to Apple’s working culture that the company operates its own fishing boat.) Apple Park’s spaces, cooked up by Foster + Partners and Ive’s industrial design studio, encourage the social aspect of working, with the restaurant being the hub of a network of collaborative spaces, places for chance encounters and off-the-cuff creativity.

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We’ve nourishment for the eyes courtesy of Ive’s limited-edition cover, using Apple’s original colour spectrum and, naturally, generous white space. We also prepare heart-warming, spirit-calming recipes in a John Pawson-designed Welsh retreat.

A preliminary sketch by Leoni Bos, who imagined Wallpaper’s ultimate entertaining space

We’ll always champion great photography, but this issue celebrates illustration, too, as a fresh way of looking at interiors, adding a dash of personal interpretation and history to the visual narrative. I have a long-held appreciation of illustration, from my formative days as a graphic design student and, later, commissioning works by the likes of Ian Wright, Ralph Steadman, Noma Bar and George Hardie – true mark makers. The first in our new series of occasional illustrated Space stories is a Wallpaper* debut for Dutch artist Leonie Bos (her work also appears on our newsstand cover). A play, and sure hand, with texture and colour are central to Bos’ approach and she brings a unique warmth and vigour to our pages.

The illustrator’s practice, the conjuring of imagined worlds, is a fascination for us. Once we had selected key design pieces to feature, Bos went away and created her fantastical Wallpaper* entertaining space. Her early sketch, above, is an insight into the creative process. Illustrations can be literal, abstract, decorative, conceptual. And so much more. Properly served up, they are a true celebration of print, its tactility and devourability.

Sarah Douglas, Editor

As originally featured in the December 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*225)

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