Bar Oppenheimer by artist Tobias Rehberger, New York

New York is the ultimate mecca of multiculturism, and now the city welcomes its latest international import: Tobias Rehberger’s Bar Oppenheimer. Launching during Frieze New York by his London gallerist Pilar Corrias, the German artist has gone above and beyond to replicate - and reinvent - his favourite Frankfurt local within Hôtel Americano.

One part sculptural artwork, one part fully functioning bar, the second edition of Bar Oppenheimer remains faithful to the spirit of the original – but with a characteristic Rehberger twist.
The striking striped interior is based on ‘dazzle camouflage’, a trick used by camoufleurs in the First World War to confuse enemy submarines and prevent them from accurately identifying their position. The psychedelic prints serve a more playful purpose in the Oppenheimer doppelgänger, although that’s not to say a few cocktails won’t have guests seeing double.

We caught up with Rehberger in the original Frankfurt bar for our June 2013 issue. Pick up a copy to find out what inspired this act of transplantation.

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