Trump Can't Even Beat an Unnamed Democratic Candidate in 2020 Election Poll

President Donald Trump's steel tariffs helped the Dow drop nearly 400 points, as Canadians grow angry over the new rules. Win McNamee—Getty Images

He might have more than two-and-a-half years until his name is on a presidential ballot again, but things are not looking great for President Trump’s reelection.

According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, Trump is trailing by eight points—behind a generic Democrat.

The poll showed Trump behind, receiving 36% support as compared to 44% for the yet-to-be-named Democratic candidate. Nevertheless, 19% of voters polled remain undecided who they will vote for come 2020.

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While the results fell predominantly along party lines, Republican support for Trump is falling. The poll found that 80% of those who voted for Trump in 2016 would vote for him again, compared to 86% of Hillary supporters who would vote for the Democratic candidate in 2020. The Independents polled leaned somewhat Democrat, with 35% support, while 29% said they would vote for Trump and 36% were undecided.

Trump’s approval rating has dropped consistently since entering office. It’s currently at 43%. With a revolving door for his staff capped off most recently with the resignation of Gary Cohn, Trump’s future is precarious at best.


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