11 Failed Products on Display at the Museum of Failure

Colgate, yes the toothpaste brand, launched its first and only Beef Lasagna dinner meal. Courtesy of Dr. Samuel West
Colgate, yes the toothpaste brand, launched its first and only Beef Lasagna dinner meal. Courtesy of Dr. Samuel West
Coca-Cola's Blak was a mixture of Diet Coke and coffee. Let's just say, it was too caffeinated. Courtesy of Penguin Vision Photography
Trump's monopoly game was not as successful as he would have liked. Courtesy of Penguin Vision Photography
Blockbuster, R.I.P. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
Apple's Newton Messagepad could take notes and send faxes, but its poor handwriting capabilities made it impractical. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
Google's glasses were all the rave, but privacy issues and its hefty price put these glasses back on the shelf. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
Sony's Betamax was one of the forerunners in VCR players. But even though they stopped manufacturing the Betamax in 2002, Sony's real failure was stopping the production of cassette tapes in 2015 decades after people moved on from cassettes. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
BiC For Her was a pen specially designed for women. The internet reacted with fury and laughs which ultimately put the concept to its grave. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
Coca-Cola tried to scrap their original Coke recipe. 40,000 letters, a flood of calls, and reams of bad press later, they backtracked and the classic Coke was back on the shelves. Courtesy of Sofie Lindberg
The Museum of Failure has a confession wall where visitors can write about a failure on a Post-It note and show it to the world. Courtesy of Penguin Vision Photography
The Museum of Failure will open a permanent museum in Hollywood. Courtesy of Fredrik Segerfalk

Everyone fails sometimes, right? We try to learn from our mistakes, and sometimes hope to never be reminded of them again. But one museum is doing quite the opposite in a showcase highlighting only failure.

The Museum of Failure is a collection of nearly 100 products that were successful in innovation, but in one way or another ended up going horribly wrong. From its Swedish home, the museum recently embarked on a world tour taking a pit stop in the A+D Museum in Downtown Los Angeles. It announced that a permanent museum in Hollywood and Highland will open Mar. 8.

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Contrary to its name though, the museum is a celebration of creativity. Originated in Sweden by psychologist and innovation researcher Dr. Samuel West, the museum is home to products like Apple’s Newton Messagepad—a messagepad that could take notes and send faxes but had poor handwriting capabilities, Heinz’s EZ Squirt purple or green colored ketchup, and Coca-Cola’s short-lived Diet Coke and coffee mixture dubbed Blak. The innovations housed here showcase products that took a large leap in trying something new, but ultimately did not stick with consumers. Instead of masking its failure, which happens countless times before a truly successful product is introduced by corporations, it shines light on imperfections in the hope of creating an environment where people are moved to innovate and not be afraid to fail.

Check out the gallery above for some failed innovations showcased at the museum.

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