Photos: Remembering Billy Graham: Spiritual Counsel to Many U.S. Presidents and World Leaders

American evangelist Billy Graham with his wife Ruth, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother, when he preached at Sandringham Parish Church in 1984. PA Images via Getty Images
American evangelist Billy Graham with his wife Ruth, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother, when he preached at Sandringham Parish Church in 1984. PA Images via Getty Images
American evangelist Billy Graham points upward as he preaches, early 1950s. Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Graham talks with Chief Justice Earl Warren, Vice President Richard Nixon, and Conrad Hilton at the third annual prayer breakfast marking the opening of the international CHristian leadership conference in 1955. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Graham visiting with Pres. Dwight Eisenhower in 1957. Paul Schutzer—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
Graham with Archbishop of Canterbury Geoffrey Fisher outside Wembley Stadium in 1954. Carl Mydans—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
Graham (right) shakes hands with Coptic Patriarch Anba Kyrollos and Cairo's leading Presbyterian minister Dr. Ibrahim Said in 1960. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
The Presidential Prayer Breakfast at the Mayflower Hotel with President John F. Kennedy. The President said that only faith in God can bring Americans safely through the present era of "immense perils" in 1963. Bettmann Archive
German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer with American evangelical minister Billy Graham, in Berlin, German on June 1963. PhotoQuest—Getty Images
President Johnson and Billy Graham during the annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast in 1964. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Evangelist Billy Graham, the President, Senator Frank Carlson, and Dr. Richard C. Halverson offer a prayer for national leaders in 1966. Bettmann Bettmann Archive
Graham leads a prayer from the podium during the Republican National Convention on August 8, 1968. Vernon Merritt III—The LIFE Images Collection
President Ronald Reagan presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to evangelist and author Billy Graham at the White House in 1983. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images
Graham is applauded after receiving the Congressional Gold Medal in 1996. Applauding, from left are: Sen. Jesse Helms, R-NC, Elizabeth Dole, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, R-KS, US Vice President Al Gore and House Speaker Newt Gingrich. POOL/AFP/Getty Images
Chinese President Jiang Zemin (R) shakes hands with Graham (L) prior to a VIP luncheon in November 1997 in Beverly Hills, CA. Kevork Djansezian—AFP/Getty Images
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton speaks along with Billy Graham during Graham's Crusade at Flushing Meadows Corona Parkin 2005 in Queens, New York. Stephen Chernin—Getty Images
Billy Graham grasps George Bush's hand during the dedication ceremony for the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 31, 2007. Diedra Laird—Charlotte Observer MCT via Getty Images
Former President George W. Bush stands with Graham at the Billy Graham Library on December 20, 2010, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Todd Sumlin—Charlotte Observer MCT via Getty Images
U.S. President Barack Obama meets with the Rev. Billy Graham at his house in Montreat, North Carolina on April 25, 2010. Pete Souza—The White House/Reuters

The Reverend Billy Graham, perhaps the most widely heard Christian evangelical in history, died Wednesday at the age of 99 at his home in Montreat, N.C. He had been treated for cancer, pneumonia, and other ailments in recent years but died from natural causes.

His career spanned for more than six decades, preaching to more than 200 million people worldwide and ministering to several U.S. presidents including Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Queen Elizabeth II is even thought to have sought his spiritual guidance, as depicted in an episode of Netflix’s period drama The Crown. President George W. Bush credits Graham for his spiritual change from a lukewarm Christian to a serious and committed evangelical. He developed strong relationships with every president since Harry Truman thanks to his spiritual counsel. “America’s pastor” reached millions of people through his rallies, his nearly 30 books, and his radio program Songs in the Night. Graham was the most prominent religious leader of his era, converting 3 million people to dedicate their lives to Christianity.

Check out the gallery above for photos of Billy Graham with past presidents and other influential world leaders.

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