Workday Wants to Enlist More Outside Software Developers

Fortune Brainstorm Tech, Aspen, CO July 14th, 2015 9:15 AM 1:2 Aneel Bhusri, CEO, Workday Reid Hoffman, Partner, Greylock Partners Moderator: Adam Lashinsky, Fortune Photograph by Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm Tech Photograph by Kevin Moloney — Fortune Brainstorm TECH

Workday, a company that hawks cloud-based human resources and financial software to businesses, now plans to open up many of its core technologies so that third-party developers can build their own Workday-adjacent software.

Company co-founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri, announced the plan in a blog on Monday. Bhusri said customers have been asking for this.

“They want to use Workday wday as a cloud backbone that supports cohesive, digital workflows across multiple business applications—reflective of how their people work and how their businesses operate in today’s hyper-connected, real-time world,” Bhusri wrote.

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Other software companies have offered development tools as well as a hosted environment business customers use to build, test, and manage their own software. Techies refer to this combination as a Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS.

Salesforce crm , for example, has both and Heroku. Microsoft msft offers an array of software development tools and the ability to build that software on its Microsoft Azure cloud data centers.

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Bhusri gave no timetable for the project, but said the company will talk about it more this fall.

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