Oakley Radar EV cycling sunglasses review

Cycling Weekly

Perfectly blending form, function and aesthetics - if you're in the market for cycling glasses, we'd recommend these

Let’s face facts, if you’re in the market for new sunglasses, you need them to look cool, and to put it simply, we reckon the Oakley Radar EVs might just be the best cycling sunglasses on the market.

The frames are the perfect blend of form and function, and the clarity of the lenses are simply superb. The glasses are well deserving of  a place in the 2017 Cycling Weekly Editor’s Choice awards. 

The Oakley Radar EV is one of the most popular designs of cycling sunglasses out there, worn by professionals and amateurs the world over. It has become a permanent fixture in the pro peloton and remains a highly desirable item.

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Not as overwhelming as Jawbreakers

Let’s face facts – if you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses the first box you want ticked is aesthetics. They have to look cool, and the Oakley Radar EV without doubt ticks this box.

The larger and full-framed Oakley Jawbreaker can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have a smaller face. However, the Radar is a little more understated and generally looks good on anyone.

Custom options are available as well as a colour spectrum Cycling Weekly

It is not just style and no substance, either. The Oakley Radar EV scores a solid 10/10 for functionality and this is a key area where it outdoes a lot of rival brands.

When testing products we often to look for ‘zero distraction.’ When using a product, if we’re able to forget it is there then it’s doing its job.

With regard to sunglasses, bad designs will move or slip down your nose when sprinting. We’ve have also encountered the opposite where they are too tight, causing headaches around the temples. Some are just too heavy on your face and some steam up too readily.

You forget you are wearing the Oakley Radar EV. It fits well, without digging, and remains firmly in place even when doing your best and most ferocious John Degenkolb nodding-dog impression. The ‘zero distraction’ is also helped by the low weight, with the Oakley Radars (in standard size) hitting our scales at 29g.

Make the world a little more vivid

The lenses are also very good, with several options available. The least expensive is Oakley’s standard HDO lens, which comes in several colours. This is a great option and often worn by Team Sky.

For £10 more Oakley offers its road cycling-specific Prizm lens, a firm favourite at Cycling Weekly. It provides excellent clarity and helps make the world look slightly more vivid – useful when trying to spot pot holes.

For £185 Oakley also offers polarised lenses which are great at filtering out reflective glare. However, as said, we have found the Prizm Road lens optimal.

Don’t worry if your Oakley Radar EVs become worn and dirty – the nose pieces and arm sleeves are replaceable

Oakley sunglasses are expensive – these come in at £145 and are without doubt a luxury item. That said, the quality, performance and aesthetics are all excellent.