89-year-old photographer’s fun selfies receive worldwide success

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Kimiko Nishimoto's hilarious selfies have been published around the world

This playful image shows Kimiko Nishimoto's unique style, which focuses on the fun of photography and selfies. Ⓒ Kimiko Nishimoto Amateur Photographer

Kimiko Nishimoto first picked up a camera at age 72. Now, at 89, the grandmother’s selfies have been seen across the globe thanks to her fun and humorous style.

Nishimoto takes self-portraits in various hilarious situations from dressing up as a frog or speeding on a zimmer frame next to a car.

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With a gallery opening at the epSITE (Epson Imaging Gallery) in Japan this month, the unique photographer is showing that perfecting your photography skills is possible at any age.

Here she dresses up as a frog to capture another selfie. Ⓒ Kimiko Nishimoto Amateur Photographer

Nishimoto first picked up a camera when she enrolled on an introductory course in photography that her son was teaching.

She held her first solo exhibition at the age of 82 at the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art and has been featured in worldwide media in the 17 years since.

Currently making more works, Nishimoto is not looking to put down the camera anytime soon.

Costumes are a big part of Nishimoto's unique style. Ⓒ Kimiko Nishimoto Amateur Photographer

Her work has also been extremely popular across social media, where you can check out more of her iconic selfies.

However, her photography is not just limited to cheeky self portraits, with other abstract photographs like this one below also featuring in her exhibition.

Her photography is not just limited to selfies. Ⓒ Kimiko Nishimoto Amateur Photographer

If you’re based in Tokyo or heading there on holiday between December 15 and January 18, 2018, be sure to check out her free solo exhibition.

It takes place at the epSITE (Epson Imaging Gallery) in the Shinjuki Mitsui Building in Tokyo, which you can visit from 10.30 to 18.30, Monday to Saturday.

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