Fantasea underwater housing for Sony’s mirrorless cameras

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Fantasea Line announce FA6500 Housing specifically designed for the Sony A6500 and A6300 APS-C mirrorless cameras

Fantasea Line FA6500 for Sony A6500 and A6300 Amateur Photographer

Fantasea Line is an international company that designs, develops and manufactures affordable products for underwater photography. Their most popular products are waterproof housings for compact and DSLR cameras. Not only do they manufacture their own products, they also work with leading camera manufacturers to help to design, test and market their products.

Their latest joint project is the FA6500 Housing designed and manufactured for the Sony A6500. It is also compatible with the A6300 with a supplied conversion kit. It includes several parts with instructions but can be carried out by an authorised Fantasea dealer or a Fantasea service centre if users don’t feel comfortable doing it themselves.

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The housing features an ergonomic design with access to all essential camera functions. It was designed to be compatible with a complete accessory system, giving photographers plenty of options for further control to capture the best quality images. The standard M16 port allows for optional connectors and accessories to be installed on the housing, including HDMI, vacuum valve or electronic strobe triggering bulkheads. Users are also able to use wide range of lenses underwater with the FML interchangeable lens port system, which can be bought at an additional cost. The housing even comes with a leak detector installed inside.

Amateur Photographer

The FA6500 is depth rated to 60m/200 feet. It claims to be shock resistant and will protect your camera from water, dust, sand, frost and other damaging environmental elements, making it an ideal housing for both underwater photographers that dive or snorkel and outdoor photographers who capture activities such as white water paddle sports, sailing, boating, surfing etc.

Features & Specifications

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