Summer Solstice photography tips

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Summer solstice offers the longest period of daylight in the year for inhabitants of the northern hemisphere and if the weather is favourable, which it is this year for most of us, it’s photographer’s dream.

If you are hoping to grab some beautiful shots of the Summer Solstice today, here are a few tips to help you bag a winning shot.

Summer Solstice photo tip 1

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Find a point of interest and use it to give your image a sense of place. Iconic and easily recognisable structures and landmarks help viewers instantly connect with your image and if you catch it in the right light, a familiar place will standout from the crowd of images shared throughout the day.

Summer Solstice photo tip 2

If you decided to take any portraits or selfies in the sun, try to avoid standing with your backs to the sun, this is known as backlighting. Unless you have a powerful light to counter the bright light of the sun your subject or your own face will appear dark and silhouetted. However, if you’re going for the silhouette look, ignore this tip and shoot towards the light, positioning your subject or point of interest between you and the glorious rays of sun.

Summer Solstice photo tip 3

Use the extended golden hours to your advantage. Although it can last longer and shorter than 60 minutes depending on the time of year, the “golden hour” occurs as the sun rises or begins to descend into the horizon. When the angle of the sun’s glowing light is accute it begins to warm and take on an almost golden tint; this is the perfect time to capture some beautiful portriats, cityscape and landscape images. The sunset on Summer Solstice 2017 will take place around 21:22 (BST), giving us plenty of time to take pictures during the fine hours of dusky golden light.

Summer Solstice photo tip 4

Well composed landscape photos are often the best way to show off a beautiful sky. If you have a tripod and the time, try and find a beautiful composition, positioning the sun to the left or the right of the frame’s centre. Look for leading lines such as paths or rows of hills to draw the viewer’s eyes into the picture. Also pay attention to the layers of interest in your image, avoid distracting elements that can dominate the frame and try to strike a fine balance from the foreground to the backdrop of the sky.

Summer Solstice photo tip 5

Perhaps you just clicked this article looking for some Summer Solstice photo inspiration. As well as the pictures above, here are some beautiful sun-related photos captured by the AP Community and shared with us on Instagram (@AP_Magazine).

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