The 10 best camera photos from Instagram this week

Amateur Photographer

We're sharing a selection of highlights from Instagram, showcasing some of the finest camera gear photos that we've seen over the past week.

Cameras and lenses floating “in-the-hand” have become a bit of a cliché but when done well, they’re definitely worth sharing. However, we’re also on the look out for some unique best camera photos, whether it’s the latest DSLR camera from Canon or Nikon or some advanced mirrorless camera technology from Sony, Fujifilm or Olympus. We also like to see vintage, classic cameras and lenses. So to get the ball rolling and inspire you, enjoy this so selection.

Amateur Photographer

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Here are the 10 best camera photos from this week – September 11, 2017:

An attractive hybrid setup

Kiss? Marry? Lust?

Well equipped

Fujifilm medium format rarity

Lovely Leica

Canon on the brain

Wooden grips FTW

A dream portrait film body and lens combo

Leica film camera in great condition

An impressive variety

Here are the 10 best camera photos from this week – September 4, 2017:

A classic with some ISO 50 film

A new classic, by Hasselblad

A crazy floral photography macro setup

Canon’s flagship set up for video

High-resolution beasts from Canon

Doing what it takes to get the perfect action shot

A miniature beast

Prepared for all eventualities

A rare Canon classic sports lens on an EOS 6D

Some vintage Nikon goodness