APOY 2016 Round 4 : Wildlife at home and abroad

APOY 2016 Round 4: Wildlife at home and abroad - Scary Monsters

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APOY 2016 Round 4: Wildlife at home and abroad - Scary Monsters

Mark Crocker
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The pets in your own home can be just as impressive, photographically speaking, than anything found out in the wild. Also consider the wildlife that’s right on your doorstep. These warmer months give you a chance to get out looking for things to photograph, whether it’s butterflies, dragonflies, or adult birds with their young.

This month’s prize

Amateur Photographer

The dustproof and splashproof construction facilitates photography in the field and the detachable tripod socket offers more convenience for handheld photography. The OS (Optical Stabilizer) features an acceleration sensor to ensure even higher precision. Two OS modes are available: Mode 1 for general photography and Mode 2 for motor sports and other applications, such as wildlife, requiring panning. The Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG HSM OS | C is worth £1,199.99.

We take a look at some tips and tricks to set you on your way to shooting successful wildlife pictures

Getting Down Low

Ron Tear

Don't be afraid to get down and dirty. Shooting from a low angle is one of the most effective ways to improve your wildlife photography. Dropping by a metre or so brings the viewer into the world of the animal subject, and shooting in this way will give your image a much more natural feel.

Pets at Home

Iain McConnell

Even the pets in your own home can be used to create brilliant shots. The best thing about this is that as their owner, you’ll have an implicit understanding of their character so you’ll know exactly when, where and how to capture the moment. Your pet trusts you, so you’ll have many opportunities to get close and create an intimate portrait.

Wildlife in Action

Matthew Carmody

Photographing wildlife is a fantastic opportunity to capture some stunning action shots. Animals have their own behaviours and a perfectly timed image can capture this beautifully. A bird in flight, for example, can create an image of real drama. Even just a shot of a running horse or deer can really hold the viewer’s attention.  

Sending a Message

Chris Dixon

Many of us have, at some stage, considered the welfare of animals, whether it’s an issue of consuming meat or our feelings about how they are treated, either in the medical field or for our entertainment. Photography has always been an effective tool for communicating issues or our feelings about them, so keep that in mind. ***Please visit the APOY 2016 home page to find all the rules for entry, terms and conditions, the APOY ENTRY EMAIL ADDRESS and the disclaimers that must be copied and past into an email entry. Entries must be received midnight (UK time) on 26 June 2016